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This is a self-catering home stay with all the benefits and as such, no activities are provided other than the private swimming pool and miles of beautiful beach and sea. Golf, tennis, water sports, horse riding, fishing are all nearby…(Read More)

Both houses are in a completely walled property of 2 acres. panic buttons are linked to a Security Company, and a minimum of 2 guards are on duty every night, with a staff of minimum 5 during the daytime. Heave duty doors are installed and all verandahs and windows are fitted with substantial security grilles…(Read More)



There are no scheduled flights to Kilifi closest airports are Mombasa and Malindi. Both have domestic flights to all parts of Kenya and Mombasa also has international flights to some European and Far East destinations as well as Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Comoros…(Read More)



Kilifi is only a 3-hour drive from Tsavo East and West National Parks and the 65,000-acre Galana reserve. Superb game viewing and accommodation available…(Read More)